Company’s development strategy is determined by some goals for reaching of which Terra Siberika tries to do its best:

* capturing of new markets
* settling down at the current markets
* increase of wood harvesting and production volumes
* product range diversification
* logistic improvement
* product quality improvement
* maintaining optimal balance of product cost and quality

Company’s priority purpose – increase of finished products share in production volumes. The task of the company is to extend sales geography in the West (including West of Russia), European and Asian regions. We plan to develop in this direction by way of development of new proposals, establishing partnership relations in the said regions and optimization of logistic expenses.

We try to use personal approach to any customer in order to satisfy the demand of specific character. Mastering new technologies helps us to fulfill individual orders.

The presence of highly skilled staff in the company is also one of the main development purposes. Terra Siberika does not make economy on training and qualification improvement of its specialists.

Out task is reduction of production wastes and their practical application for product range extension.