Industrial vehicles

Modern high-tech road and off-road trucks for road and off-road transportation and for different kinds of construction works. They posses excellent characteristics, strong design and advanced technologies providing reliability that was always an integral characteristic of Iveco heavy trucks.

Harvesting technique

Felling complexes John Deere provide quickness and good quality of wood cutting process cycle into long logs. The main task of these machines is to provide directed wood felling and bunch piling for further trailing. The capacity of felling complexes John Deere can amount up to 1000 cubic meters per shift. Feller-delimber-slasher machine allows felling, delimbering and slashing of long logs according to specified dimensions.

Radial sawing equipment

This equipment is designed for industrial production of high-quality lumber. Reliable operation in any climatic conditions, high level of safety, long life of the structure and noiseless operation. Moreover equipment is provided by new technical and ecological EC standards.

Loading equipment

Loading equipment for wood operation is noted by power and manoeuvring capability that allows performing complicated works in wood industry. Volvo loaders provide short-time cycle at such works as logs and paper wood unloading, piling, also unloading of sorting hoppers and supply tables.

Planning equipment

High-speed face milling machines of high productivity for planning and chipping embodied strength and safety operation, excellent productivity, high quality of processed surface, high accuracy at repeated manufacturing, simple and quick adjustment, convenient control, maximum safety precautions and other advantages.