• Larch

    Construction material that can be compared to oak in terms of strength. Larch is subject to decay very little, thanks to its tar property it is water resistant. It makes this wood irreplaceable in arbor, porch, bath-house finishing.

  • Angarsk pine-tree

    The best pine-tree on the whole planet grows on the border of the Irkutsk Region and the Krasnoyarsk Territory. A pine-tree is popular construction material that is widely used in construction of private houses, manufacturing of furniture and plywood, also in wood chemical industry. It is very convenient during processing.

  • Cedar

    The wood of this evergreen tree is quite soft and has pleasant smell. It is used as finishing material, widely used in wood chemical industry for pencil production.

  • Fir tree

    Useful consumer properties make this material especially valuable for finishing works. Besides, Siberian fir-tree is widely used for cellulose obtaining (chemical composition of this tree contains nearly 45 % of cellulose), in medical industry. It is used for plywood and cross-sleepers production.

  • Spruce

    Spruce is well-known as finishing material. Spruce soft wood is well used for the production of boards, beams, small crafts. This material is also used in wood chemical industry. The average height of Siberian spruce amounts 30 meters.