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Our partners

Sojits Building Materials Corporation

Japanese trading company Sojits Building Materials Corporation performs its business at the territory of Japan, China, South and North America, Europe, CIS, Russia, Asia and Oceania. The company is included to the largest international trading holding Sojits Group Statement that has the following business segments: equipment, power and minerals, chemical substances and many others.

Tairiku Trading Co., LTD

Japanese group of companies. The main activities: overseas trade, intermediation and selling of wood materials, equipment, vehicles, textile products, wool, agricultural products, food products, minerals, chemicals, animals, noble metals and alcoholic drinks.

Emachu Holdings Co.,LTD

Japanese group of companies that unites the following business activities: immovable property development, supply of materials and components for house construction, house building, woodchips production and selling, production of wood houses, stocking.

Zvezda Trade KFT

Trading company – the main trading representative of Terra Siberika products at Japanese market.