The main business activity of our company is wood harvesting and complete products manufacturing. But environment is of great value for us, we consider ourselves obliged to perform active policy of environmental protection in its primeval condition.

We think that we should do our best to maintain natural forest balance in nature. New trees should be planted instead of those that are yearly cut in the world. This is our main credo and we are aware of the responsibility not only before millions of people that are our end users, but all those living on the planet.

Group of companies Terra Siberika always remembers that forest preservation is impossible without strict preventive measures. That’s why we pay special attention to forest fires prevention and elimination that can kill dozens and hundreds of thousands of trees. Moreover, we struggle against illegal cutting.

We pay increased attention to minimization of toxic and hazardous products use, decrease of wastes release.

Realizing our strategy in the field of environmental protection we strive to inform our values to all our suppliers and subcontractors, i.e. to people engaged in the production and finished products release sequence.

Our aim is to minimize hazardous influence on environment, preserve riches of our nature and favorable climate of our planet.