Forest fund – is our special pride. Terra Siberika harvests wood unique by its properties. Rented wood material base is located in one of the most advantageous places on Earth. Right here, in Siberia, there grows is the best wood that is notable for its special quality. It is favored by good climate conditions and long vegetative period.

High-tech modern equipment is the other valuable resource. In order to perform effective harvesting, processing and production, also minimize negative influence on environment we make serious investments to purchasing of modern equipment.

Logistic system is also one of our advantages. It is based upon intention to optimize product cost by means of wood transportation cost decrease.

The staff of our company, both  production and administrative, has all qualifications required to perform a complete cycle of finished products manufacturing.

Management system of Terra Siberika is based upon people, who proved themselves to be a first class professionals with good management experience in different market segments.