• Terraced smooth board

    Terraced board from Siberian latch differs by high decay resistance. It is widely used in those cases when it is impossible to put common wood floor: for sauna, bathrooms, porches, etc.

  • Lining "Shtil"

    This material is mainly used for finish works in ceiling and walls areas. It is considered to be cost-effective finishing material due to large width. One of the main advantages of lining of "shtil" type is the possibility to create ideally even surfaces.

  • Floor board

    Having high sound isolation and strength degree floor board retains heat in the room very well. Floor board is wide and long enough allowing to cover large areas at relatively small expenses.

  • Euro lining

    Euro lining is a popular finishing material for internal and external works. The advantages of euro lining include excellent sound isolation, high level of heat retaining, environmental friendliness, easy installation, anti-allergic properties.

  • Taruki

    Taruki is a finished product that is very popular in Japanese house-building. It is made of pine. It has different dimensions: 30*40, 35*35, 38*38, 45*60. At Russian market taruki is used as sliced bar for different purposes.

  • Terraced board "velvet"

    Terraced board "velvet" is used for making floor in bath-houses, saunas, porches, arbors. The main difference from common terraced board is the surface of the material. It has wavy profile with different pitch and "wave" height.