We know for sure that only nature and people are of great value on our planet. A man is not only part of nature, without a man no nature wonders and riches make sense.

Considering the importance of natural resources and man’s role in their preservation group of companies Terra Siberika follows the course of active social policy.

No matter how modern the equipment is, we are conscious of the fact that people (our specialists) is the main key to successful economic development.

Our social policy has several main vectors.

First – is directed to preservation of health and safety of all planet inhabitants.

Second – is directed towards some certain customer and is closely connected with material quality, product health friendliness for people.

Third – refers to application of fair means in business conducting.

Forth – is directed towards staff health and life preservation, their life level improvement.

Terra Siberika follows a steady course of wood harvesting and production level increment, increase of economic rates and market share.

Our aim is the development of our workers along with the company. Hence, we organize training courses in the field of wood harvesting and production, ecology, fire safety and labor protection, management and other aspects important for the workers of our industry.

People safety provision, following the principles of social fairness and health protection are key values of Terra Siberika social policy.

The company takes part in development of the city and the area. From the beginning it has provided significant support, has accomplished a lot and is not stopping there. It’s always prepared to respond to a call for help if needed by the local people. Within the Ust’-Ilimsk area, as part of social partnership constant efforts take place on improvement of municipal wellbeing. Local settlement’ roads are kept filled, the roads leading to the kindergarten are kept filled. At the working village Zheleznodorozhniy new pavement has been laid, new barriers have been built arounf the local water pump.