Terra Siberika strives to conquer new horizons and was never satisfied with the already achieved. We got used to work in conditions of strong competition between local and foreign suppliers.

At the present moment Terra Siberika can refer the following directions to its constant strategic goals.

Production volume increase

To be a leader means to produce more and to sell more. The policy of Terra Siberika is represented by production volume increase. That’s why we constantly modify and increase production base and harvesting complex, explore new areas of wood material base, improve the qualification of labor resources. This approach allows us making a unique proposal to our clients.

Investments for modernization

It is impossible to produce more products of good quality only by means of good material and highly skilled staff. Today we invest to the future, to purchase new equipment and machines.


Environmental protection is our strategic task related to increase of business level and effectiveness as well as ethics and morals. Constant modernization of production base helps us to be successful in the initiative that results in minimization of environmental hazardous influence. We prevent forest fires, struggle against illegal cutting down, perform the regeneration of forest funds.

Capturing of new markets. Settling down at the current ones.

Our priority task is to satisfy the demands of as many consumers all over the world as possible. That’s why we tend to work with new companies and new countries. Moreover we try to increase our presence share at the current markets.

At the present moment Terra Siberika has settled at the following regions:

* Russia
* Japan
* Egypt
* Central and South Europe
* South countries of CIS
* China

Extension of product range

We pay increased attention to our product line, try to offer maximum wide product range and for this purpose we perform diversification.

We perform market research with the aim to reveal the most demanded products.


We are proud to perform a complete cycle of wood harvesting, milling and finished products manufacturing within the country, we do not export wood outside of the territory of the Russian Federation. Thus, Terra Siberika contributes to Russia’s economic welfare.