Group of companies Terra Siberika – is one of the most fast-growing enterprises in its region.

Thanks to dynamic development Terra Siberika managed to come into international market rather quickly.

We are constantly tracing latest technical innovations that are used all over the world.

Today the results of TS activities are the following factors:

• Yearly wood harvesting amounts 400 000 cubic meters (information of 2009, increase in perspective).

• More than 100 units of different technics and equipment are engaged during harvesting and production. The majority is of World Class manufacturers, such as John Deere, Caterpillar, Volvo, Iveco, Michael Weinig.

• Long-term contract obligations for complete product supply that speaks world about us as stable and reliable partner.

• Complete product sales volume amounts 180 000 cubic meters per year (information of 2009, increase in perspective).

• We monitor technical requirements, measurement methods, quality control, marking and recording of complete projects.

• We trace the latest industry events, take part in international exhibitions. It gives us the opportunity to meet international standards.

• Terra Siberika develops technical conditions and specification of contract for material supply according to customer requirements. Thisallowsussatisfyingtheneedsofthemostdemandingcustomers.

• There is a constant study and exploration of wood material base. We use space observation system for this purpose; there is continuous road construction and development of optimum delivery route.

Today group of companies Terra Siberika performs a full-cycle of complete product manufacturing – from material harvesting to product supply by individual orders.