In our work we always follow values and ethical principles that are for Terra Siberika a kind of code of laws.

We believe that this approach provides us with stable reputation, respect of colleagues and clients confidence.


Ourbusinessiscloselyconnectedwithspecialresponsibilitythatwebeartosociety, partners, staff.

We consider that we are to supply the customer with products of good quality, pay increased attention to quality control of forest harvesting, wood processing and complete products manufacturing. Also Terra Siberika includes environmental protection to its priority strategic tasks.

Our responsibility to partners is also of no little significance. We always keep faith and fulfill the commitments in time and to the fullest extent.

Responsibility to our staff calls us to do everything for people working in Terra Siberika to feel that they are respected and valued. We pay a lot of attention to labor protection.


We consider that we should treat all participants of our market and product consumers with the same degree of respect.

Our experience shows that long-term partnership relations in business can be built only on mutual respect.


We are always willing to take part in social projects aimed to improve living standards of citizens of the Russian Federation. Weareproudtohavecontinuouscollaborationwithcharityorganizations.

We strive to provide maximum quantity of different working places in the regions of our operations.

We make working positions constantly available – it is not only intention to increase the volumes of forest harvesting and production, it is our concern about people life quality.