1 Raw material harvesting

The process of finished products manufacturing starts from wood harvesting. This process is performed with the help of modern mechanized tree fellers John Deere. In this direction Terra Siberika follows international standards. The machines easily cut the trees, saw knots, load the material to vehicles. Application of advanced technologies allows quick receiving of wood, minimization of wastes and finished product quality improvement.

2 Raw material delivery to severing

At the next stage raw material is delivered to severing by means of Iveco and KamAZ vehicles. It is important to note that we pay special attention to transportation process. Technologies used at this stage allow preventing unreasonable material losses, optimizing transportation costs, increasing of transport units effectiveness. At this stage our aim is to reduce expenses in order to provide consumer with finished product at best price.

3 Long logs cross-cutting

Severing stage includes long logs cross-cutting – long log is cut to timber assortments of specified length by slashers John Deere. Then special packages for storage are formed.

4 Saw log delivery to timber mill and sorting

After saw log delivery to timber mill it is sorted by diameters at automated line with the use of 3D scanner. Every size is sent to corresponding pocket. From the pockets saw logs are put by piles; each pile is characterized by specified diameter group.

5 Lumbering

At this stage saw log is sent to supply table with the help of Volvo loader. The next step is barking (bark peeling) and sawing to triangular timber (half timber) by radial sawing machine Slidetec, then half timber is sawn to boards by multiple-sawing machine. Edged board is put to special drying packets, unedged board and slabwood go to reprocessing line. Lumbering wastes are reprocessed into chips and go to Forestry enterprises. Saw dust is used as fuel for drying tunnels.

6 Drying

We use drying tunnels of convection type for drying wood. We dispose six drying tunnels with total volume of 1000 cubic meters. Raw material is kept in the tunnels from 6 to 24 days depending upon wood species, its sizes and requirements for final water content.

7 Timber sorting

Sorting is performed at crosscut radial sawing equipment of through-type. At this stage wood is sorted by length, sort and cross-section to follow all necessary GOST requirements. We also sort material according to client’s individual demands. Part of timber is sorted and shipped to the customer as finished product, the other part as raw material goes to advanced processing shop.

8 Bunching and transportation to storage area

After final sorting complete products (timber) are bunched. To avoid moisture penetration the upper layer of boards is separated from the pack by waterproof tape, the bunch itself is packed from five sides.

9 Production of planed timber

At the next stage dried timber is sent to advanced processing shop as raw material. Timber is supplied by loader to high-speed face-milling machine Hydromat 2000. Then chipping to required profiles is performed.

10 Sorting and packing

When planed timber is ready it is checked for defects, damages and knars. Then timber of "Extra", "A", "B", "C", "D" sorts in packed into tape: part of material is packed into shrinkable film, the other part – into waterproof. In this condition the product goes to storage area.

11 Transportation

The last step in production algorithm is delivery to customer. Transportation packets with finished products are put at loading area and then loaded to wagons or 40 feet containers. Every packet is marked. Marking: sort, species, size, package quantity, pcs., volume and the most important thing – Name of responsible person.